Spark Studio Lecture Series - Triboro Design Solutions

Ever wish you were a more efficient designer? Husband and wife team David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler of Triboro would make even the most industrious design firm a little jealous. The team boasts numerous design awards and their clients include GQ Magazine, New York Magazine, MoMA, AIGA, WW Norton, and William Rast. David and Stefanie gave us the following advice on how to become more productive and streamline the design process:

1. Think about how you want your business to grow. David and Stefanie have purposefully kept their studio small and, as a result, they are able to be more hands-on with design and feel more comfortable turning down projects.

2. The design process begins with finding out all you can about your client's business and their audience. But don't forget to garner ideas from clients themselves--maybe it's the way your client dresses or the words they use. These cues can be taken and melded into the design.

3. Some clients need more than they even know. Be prepared to offer alternative or additional services to suit needs your client may not be aware they have.

4. Put your designs into context before presenting to the client. If they can see their logo on a billboard or on a subway car advertisement, they will see the bigger picture.

5. Don't waste time with a dozen half-hearted design solutions. You are most efficient when you are confident in your designs and follow through with them.