Spark Design Professionals Featured in Spoon + Fork's Underscore Matters Video

Pritsana Kootint-Hadiatmodjo and Chez Bryan Ong of Spoon + Fork were so generous with their time and for sharing intimate information on how they run their award-winning company. Recently, they began a video interview series titled Underscore Matters. Whether it's family, food, or fonts, everyone has something that matters to them. Underscore Matters is a project celebrating all those things that people hold close to their heart. A curated collection of videos featuring individuals from all walks of life sharing their stories will culminate in a collection of stories inspiring people to think about what matters most.

We are very excited that Spark was chosen to be included! We love Spoon + Fork!

Spark Design Professionals visited Spoon + Fork as part of our Studio Lecture Series. We asked questions that are relevant to running a succesful graphic design studio and managing the business side of things.